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Reengaging Kids in Schools,
Communities, and Beyond

“If students are not socially, emotionally, and cognitively engaged, learning will not happen.”

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Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Help us empower students to confront and overcome personal challenges and structural barriers.

At home, at school, and beyond — kids need you!

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Our goal is simple. Put students at the center. Surround them with a caring community of support. And create access to critical resources, like food, housing, healthcare, counseling and remote technologies so they can take charge of the future they want for themselves, their communities, and each other. 


Million students were reached with CIS supports and resources



*of students met or made progress toward at least one of their social and emotional learning (SEL) goals



*of students who received our most intensive supports were students of color



*of seniors who received our most intensive supports graduated or received their GED



graduates planned to attend some form of postsecondary education

* outcomes for case-managed students

Meet Shakaka Perry: A Reengagement Coordinator

In this podcast episode, you'll hear directly from Shakaka S. Perry from CIS of Charlotte-Mecklenburg about how she’s helping students, who have been chronically absent during the pandemic, return to school or find other pathways to education and/or employment. 

Setting Students Up for Success

Now more than ever, we must reimagine public education and find new ways to create equitable conditions for learning for ALL students, with students at the center, surrounded by a caring community with access to all necessary resources.

news Two Steps to Put Students on the Right Path

Two Steps to Put Students on the Right Path

At least three million students have gone missing from classrooms across the nation during the pandemic. In this op-ed, Rey Saldaña talks about how we need a plan to help every school find its missing students, keep kids in school, and put them on a path toward graduation.

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